The Reviewers Speak Out!

“[A] light, fun read set in the underbelly of reality television—a perfect setting as the authors have extensive experience in said underbelly . . . [Unscripted is] full of chuckle-worthy situations and fun, quirky characters . . . There are a few (completely non-gratuitous) salty words used throughout, but if you don’t mind that as a parent, I think this would be a great book for teens as well as it touches on issues of self-esteem and standing up for oneself.”—Bleeding Espresso

Unscripted is an impressive debut from two clearly very talented writers . . . I enjoyed the humour of the novel and particularly liked seeing behind the scenes of how a really television show is produced—it can be quite a brutal profession to be in! The ups and downs of Abby’s life kept me entertained and she was a great protagonist. Her friends were colourful characters whose interests led poor Abby into some hilarious situations, none of which she’s keen to ever return to! [Unscripted] was precisely what I want from chick lit: the heroine was likeable and I could relate to her; her lifestyle was interesting but not out of the realms of possibility; and the authors made good use of their own experiences in Abby’s profession to make the situation both realistic and genuinely amusing.—Bookworm Ink

Unscripted is a light, entertaining, charming read that will have you laughing out loud from beginning to end.”—ChickLitaholic

Unscripted is a really sweet, really fun romance . . . You can totally relate to [the protagonist, Abby,] as a reader and love her for all her insecurities and sweetness!”—Books to Brighten Your Mood